"Of Gold"

by Bars of Gold

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    1. Boss Level
    2. Heaven Has a Heater
    3. Birds
    4. The Hustle
    5. .........
    6. Doctors and Lawyers
    7. Up, Up, Up
    8. Cannibals

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    We found a bunch of the white LPs after we thought we had sold out! These are fun. Put one on your turntable for the listening of musical recorded note sounds. Earlier John had said these are Orange but he's dumb and didn't look at all the records. To be fair the records weren't labelled with the color of vinyl. Whatever

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released August 24, 2010


all rights reserved



Bars of Gold Ferndale

4 Guitar Players.
1 Nick Jones
1 Drummer
1 Singer

= Bars of Gold


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Track Name: Boss Level
If you ride a horse you better carry a gun
you know the words then you should all sing along
Your an angel
Track Name: Heaven Has A Heater
head to the suburbs where the income is salt
a wall of history for keeping them hounds out
I got a secret
i got a secret
Kicked right out of hideouts
he had a brain that was built inside of four square walls
chewing on plastic
teeth getting bigger
Spread some salt into that wound
Cause theres an invitation
you've been waiting so long for
there will conversations
there will be blood in the kitchen tonight
so honey bring in your brass band
a telegram with intention
i saw the robbers of your face appear
in the bathroom window
were playing saxophones out in the front lawn
and in the bathroom stalls there keeping there signs out
and with two statues yeah we got room up there to move
i know ten people who know ten more
heavens got a heater heavens got a heater
Your a background horse
Track Name: Birds
living it up
in an apartment
living it up
by a convenient store
it was thorn in my side
it was a thorn
it was a carpenters line
it was a thorn
deliver me
i want to see your hands
deliver me
from a sea of questions
do you like birds
do you like real big birds
do you like great big birds
this is the biggest bird i've ever seen
the biggest building brought me down on my knees
the wolves were spreading on the island
you change your life around add verbs to everything
cover your head when there is action
i woke up stumbling still staring at my shoes
the devil lay across my bedspread
your friends are kings and queens and there headin for the noose
they'll hang like gamefish by the morning
buy a new shirt
buy some new shoes
and a new jacket
way out west they build elevators
they build relationships there filling up empty boxes
and 1000 drummers playing 1000 songs saying
1000 rights equal 1000 wrongs
don't you sharpen your teeth and your wits on children
you need some answers well you already got em
this is a harbor of boats and there aren't any sailors
this is a forest of snipers and theres not any cover
Track Name: THE HUSTLE
My legs were made of wood
you kept the ground real warm
you kept my spirits up
when they were gone
but i'm a half made man
a shelter from the storm
you slow my heart rate down and shelter me from harm
I got that fire inside my soul down to my feet it keeps me going
all threw my town and down dirt roads i got that fire inside my soul
forget your guns and your ammo
we need nails bring your hammers
girl if you give up they'll crucify this town
like a drum in the basement
when that bass and that snare hits
girl if you give up they'll sanctify us now
i dont wanna build temples (you got to)
like a preacher facing pulpit
or a group of school kids laughing
in the face of every master clap your hands
Track Name: .............
Your a crow or a lion
Your a helicopter pilot
pushing crows for food
pushin crows for food
as you come walking over
like an angel on the water
walking without shoes
walking without shoes
were like two fisherman crossing there lines
were coming up on mysterious times
she had a honda 1989
were coming up on mysterious times
and our hearts are divided lets keep em locked up in cages
keep your stocks and your barrels clean
hide your handshakes and smiles we need boots for the marching
we need to keep those soldiers mean
i built cities in the mouths of lions
i pushed hell from where it came
i put towns inside tornados
even satan knows my name
and girl you have been a picture
and girl you have been a saint
doctors and the lawyers
or the business men
keep me crawling on the floor with my head in my hands
like a rhino on the street touching everyone
or like a tiger cub
fire up those chariots and give those children guns
moving like cattle on the living room floor
1000 stories baby just to say 1 word
teeth are like razors
cutting rugs
death to the people in windows jumping jumping
all gonna feel alright
when they get the fire and water together and working
gonna feel alright
its alright yeah
Take me to the hospital
i feel alright
tied up like a cat on chains
that's been keeping me up all night
running rabid like a rat racing in a maze
eatin and drinking
walk to work walk to work
in a self made daze
wearing my shoes out
Track Name: UP UP UP
Put it up up up
get your luggage in the trunk
these aren't fingers they aren't snakes that make a sound
building houses out of bricks
line them up up in the sticks
when you loose then you loose it and it's gone
up up up
born like business men
wearing ties like shaking hands
holding contracts in there teeth like alley dogs
like an argument
like a credit card strung up in the back
separated by and frustrated by
arguments just like credit cards strung up in the back
antelopes in back
building to fingers
fingers to floors
calling to cancel
canceling calls
dog eats the man
man eats the dog
first you get what you want then it's gone
Theres a car on the side of the road burning slowly like a candle
like a candle in the night shedding light in the room where you sit
where you sit on the phone reading books while your talking to your family
to your family and your friends about the boy that your hitting on
and i want to be in the car when you drive to work
and i want to be in your heart when you go to sleep
and i want to be on the couch when you watch tv
baby ill cook for you baby ill clean
But i was born a cannibal
not like any cannibal you've seen before
son of a working man
son of a salesman of car sales

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